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About Us

We’ve always been a little bit different.
Sometimes we’ve wanted to stand out.
Sometimes we’ve wanted to fit in.
Sometimes we’ve been the life and soul of the party.
Sometimes we’ve just blended in.
Sometimes the party has consumed us.
Sometimes we’ve created.
Sometimes we’ve consumed.

Glow Togs cool LED High Top Black shiny boot
Glow Togs Silver High Top LED Sneaker

We’re a US company that wants to build on our reality.
We like high quality gear and apparel.
We like to shop quickly, mostly online.
We like fast responses and express shipping.
We like great prices and value for money.
We like companies that value our custom.
The gear we wear must be dope.
At least, as unique as possible.
We’re individuals yet part of a team.

We’ve Built Glow Togs To Be The Store We Always Wanted To Go To



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