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Glow Togs Shoe Size Guide

Every shoe manufacturer has slightly different sizes. Be sure to check out our guide below before you place your order.

Shoes are ordered by selecting the US Size. We use Unisex sizes so be sure to check your foot size.

WOMAN’S SIZES – please note Unisex sizes are defaulted to Men’s sizes. Click here for this International Show Size Guide to help work out what size you are.

Our best recommendation is for you to stand on a piece of paper (with the normal socks that you wear) and draw a line at the heel and toe. Now measure this line (in millimeters – it’s more accurate). Take the corresponding US shoe size value from our shoe size chart.

Always round up. For example, if you measure 254 mm then round up to a US size 8 (260 mm) and not a US size 7 (253 mm). You don’t want your toes to get squashed on a big night out.

Still stuck? Email us and we’ll help to figure it out with you.

Glow Togs LED Shoes Size Chart

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